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White Widow from PowerStrains® has a perfect genetic balance of 50% indica and 50% sativa. She sits right in the middle of the spectrum, offering the best of both worlds. Although the strain’s exact origins are shrouded in mystery, we can guarantee that the original White Widow is a Dutch classic, first grown in the Netherlands.

– World-famous hybrid cannabis strain
– Has a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor growers
– Gives you an almost psychedelic high

White Widow’s dense buds produce high levels of the terpenes myrcene, pineene and caryophyllene. These aromatic terpenes come together to create a flavour profile with notes of spice, earthiness and pepper.

The effects of smoking White Widow match those of the best sativa-dominant plants and offer users a great, almost psychedelic high.

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White Widow Data Sheet

  • Strain TypeFeminised strain
  • Indica / Sativa50/50 Hybrid
  • GeneticsBrazilian sativa landrace x South Indian indica
  • THCAverage-High (16-19%)
  • CBDMedium (3%)
  • Flowering time8-9 weeks
  • Yield OutdoorAverage (350-400 g/m2)
  • Yield IndoorAverage (400-600 g/m2)
  • Height Indoor100-150 cm
  • Height Outdoor200 cm
  • EffectsUplifting, happy
  • FlavorNatural, sour