PowerStrains® cannabis seeds are carefully packaged. We are not only committed to guaranteeing the best quality cannabis seeds, the packaging in which cannabis seeds are stored and shipped is just as important.

How are PowerStrains® cannabis seeds packed for the consumer?
All our cannabis seeds are packaged carefully in a protective plastic tube first. This prevents air from getting to the cannabis seeds. This plastic tube is subsequently packaged in a high-quality, airtight plastic seal bag. The seal bag is easy to open and has a sturdy strip for closing or opening the bag.
On the back of the bag is the strain name, the number of seeds and a nice QR code. Customers can scan this QR code, which takes them directly to the corresponding product page. Handy for looking up growing tips or viewing the product features and photos.

How do we ship to wholesalers or retailers?
We pack the seeds in a sturdy, discreet box, with everything neatly arranged and packed by strain. The orderly packing makes it easy to enter the order in your own webshop. We ship your order with one of our premium shipping partners. This way we can be sure that your order will be delivered quickly and in perfect condition.