At PowerStrains®, we focus on powerful cannabis strains of the highest quality. We have been selecting and developing weed strains for many years, based not only on potency. As such, we also like weed with a great flavour and a nice terpene profile. The PowerStrains® team consists of a diverse group of pioneers and experts with a shared love for cannabis.

The PowerStrains® team has years of experience in selecting and breeding cannabis varieties. The roots of the selected cannabis varieties stretch the globe. From high-mountain indicas to sunny South American sativa land strains. Over the years, a lot of original genetic material has ended up at PowerStrains®. This way, you can grow an original Kush or Haze yourself, without having to search for the original cannabis seeds. Order them quickly and easily from our webshop.

PowerStrains® cannabis seeds are produced through innovative processes and solely in controlled environments. Results are first checked in the lab, before the cannabis seeds are released into the collection. This way, we can guarantee quality at all times. The cannabis seeds are regularly subjected to strict controls, where they are checked for germinating power, potency and overall quality. Only the best seeds pass inspection and enter the assortment.

Feminised cannabis seeds
Only feminised cannabis seeds are in our product range, including autoflowering seeds and CBD-rich cannabis seeds. Feminised cannabis seeds produce female marijuana plants in 95% of cases. Since the advent of this phenomenon, you can pretty much rule out male cannabis plants in your grow room. That is why we exclusively offer feminised cannabis seeds. For the average grower, this is a lot easier.

Practical innovation
In the meantime, many weed varieties have been created, but as mentioned, we only focus on the best of the best. For each weed variety we consider whether it is suitable for hybridisation. In combination with practical results, we determine which weed species will be hybridised. The aim, of course, is to combine certain characteristics of the parent plants to produce a unique result in each hybrid. Think for instance of taste, potency, autoflowering genetics and ease of cultivation.