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Lemon Haze Original is the awesome balanced result of crossing her esteemed parents, Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. Everybody who knows haze recognizes this typical sweet haze taste.

– Slight predominance of sativa genetics (60%)
– High THC content, 19% on average
– Resistance to mould and pests is above average.
– Intense, unique effects

Lemon Haze Original are successfully grown both indoors and outdoors, although garden growers working in a humid climate with an average temperature of around 25°C achieve the best outdoor results. She is well suited to hydroponic set-ups, provided you manage to keep the temperature high and the air humidity stable.

Expect enticing citrus aromas to fill your garden or cultivation tent as soon as flowering begins: activated carbon filters recommended! Lemon Haze cannabis plants are easily recognised by their yellow and green buds with bright orange pistils.

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Lemon Haze Original Data Sheet

  • Strain TypeFeminised strain
  • Indica / Sativa40% indica/60% sativa
  • GeneticsLemon Skunk x Silver Haze
  • THCHigh (19%)
  • CBDLow (1%)
  • Flowering time9-10 weeks
  • Yield OutdoorHigh (450-500 g/m2)
  • Yield IndoorHigh (500-550 g/m2)
  • Height Indoor100-150 cm
  • Height Outdoor200+ cm
  • EffectsHappy sativa high, body indica high
  • FlavorSour, sweet, skunk