Killer Kush F1 Early Harvest - PowerStrains
Killer Kush F1 Early Harvest - PowerStrains


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Killer Kush F1 Early Harvest from PowerStrains® has earned its stripes in the cannabis community, with accolades such as the 2nd prize for outdoor cultivation and the 3rd prize for best indica. With THC levels ranging between 18-25% and a CBD content of 0.9%, this strain offers a psychoactive effect that will appeal to both seasoned users and newcomers alike.

– Awards: 2nd prize “Outdoor”, 3rd prize “Best Indica”
– Contains 18-25% THC and 0.9% CBD
– Very short flowering time, very high yields of marijuana
– Descended from the original OG Kush

Killer Kush F1 Early Harvest produces large and aromatic buds, all coated with a thick layer of resin. The aroma is sweet, citrusy, and sour with exotic tones reminiscent of aromas from the Chemdawg-Diesel family. In the grow room, growers can expect generous yields, with an indoor yield of 400-600 g/m² and an outdoor yield of 350-600 g/plant. The flowering period lasts only 7 weeks, allowing growers to quickly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In summary, Killer Kush F1 Early Harvest is a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast seeking a potent and fast-flowering strain with a unique aroma. Experience the power and magic of Killer Kush F1 Early Harvest and add her to your cultivation collection today!

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Killer Kush F1 Early Harvest Data Sheet

  • Strain TypeFeminised strain
  • Indica / Sativa80% indica/20% sativa
  • GeneticsOG Kush X Autoflower
  • THCHigh (20-25%)
  • CBDLow (<1%)
  • Flowering time6-8 weeks
  • Yield OutdoorHigh (450-600+ g/m2)
  • Yield IndoorHigh (400-600+ g/m2)
  • Height Indoor60-100 cm
  • Height Outdoor100-160 cm
  • EffectsHead-high, Psychoactive
  • FlavorSweet, Sour, Tropical, Fruit, Diesel