Gorilla Sherbet F1 Early Harvest - PowerStrains
Gorilla Sherbet F1 Early Harvest - PowerStrains


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Gorilla Sherbet F1 Early Harvest from PowerStrains® is the feminized, photoperiod-dependent, and ultra-fast flowering version of the famous American strain Sunset Sherbet (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties). It’s an F1 hybrid cross derived from an elite Sunset Sherbet clone and an autoflowering strain: Gorilla Girl XL Auto.

– F1 Hybrid semi-autoflower cannabis strain
– Yields high quantities of cannabis
– Contains 70% indica genetics
– Ready for harvest in just 7-8 weeks of flowering

When it comes to Gorilla Sherbet F1 Early Harvest’s performance in the grow room, growers can expect impressive yields and a rapid flowering time. Indoors, yields can range from 400-550 g/m², with a flowering period of just 7 weeks. Outdoors, this strain also thrives and can produce between 350-600 g/plant, making it an appealing choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivators. One of the most striking features of Gorilla Sherbet F1 Early Harvest is its notably sweet and fruity aroma, accompanied by subtle citrus tones and hints of fresh humus and wood. The background of blue cypresses adds a refreshing touch of coolness to the overall experience, making each puff a sensory delight.

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Gorilla Sherbet F1 Early Harvest Data Sheet

  • Strain TypeFeminised strain
  • Indica / Sativa70% indica/30% sativa
  • GeneticsSunset Sherbet (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties) X Gorilla Girl XL Auto
  • THCHigh (18-20%)
  • CBDLow (<1%)
  • Flowering time7-8 weeks
  • Yield OutdoorHigh (450-550+ g/m2)
  • Yield IndoorHigh (400-600+ g/m2)
  • Height Indoor60-110 cm
  • Height Outdoor100-150 cm
  • EffectsPowerful, Creative, High, Relaxed, Happy
  • FlavorFruity, Sweet, Sour