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CBD Oil Maker is a special phenotype of the classic Elektra strain composed of Early Resin Berry and AC/DC. She is mostly composed of sativa genetics. This strain has almost no THC, so there will not be any effect when using it, maybe a very mild relaxing feeling. This is the best strain you will ever find to make your own CBD Oil because of the extremely high CBD content.

– CBD-rich cannabis strain with up to 21% CBD
– The best for making your own CBD oil
– Consists of sativa-dominant genetics
– Contains hardly any THC
– May produce purple colours during flowering

CBD Oil Maker has beautiful large buds covered in trichomes. The bud structure is a favourite with fans of dense, long, sticky buds that are bright green and dark purple with beautiful flowering hairs everywhere.

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CBD Oil Maker Data Sheet

  • Strain TypeCBD strain
  • Indica / SativaSativa dominant
  • GeneticsGrapefruit (Elektra)
  • THCLow (0,8%)
  • CBDHigh (21%)
  • Flowering time9-10 weeks
  • Yield OutdoorHigh
  • Yield IndoorHigh
  • Height Indoor100 cm
  • Height Outdoor150 cm
  • EffectsMild relaxing
  • FlavorDiesel, Spicy, Fruity