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Afghan Kush Auto from PowerStrains® is a fast-flowering hybrid autoflower. She grows and flowers within 9 to 10 weeks from seed to harvest. Afghan Kush Auto is directly descended from the well-known Afghan Kush, originating from the Hindu Kush mountains near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

– Self-flowering (autoflower) cannabis strain
– Robust cannabis strain with good resistance
– Very short seed to harvest time, only 9 to 10 weeks
– It is recommended to apply LST (Low Stress Training)

Afghan Kush Auto is a highly resilient and resistant cannabis strain, a good choice for growing outdoors in challenging climates. Make sure you give her the basics and you’ll get great results in no time. You can expect this autoflower to grow into a quite compact and homogenous plant, perfect for those growing in a Sea of Green or for those trying to fit a larger number of plants into a smaller grow space. We recommend performing LST to allow the light to penetrate deeper, resulting in higher yields and air between the buds to prevent mould from getting into your buds.

This cannabis strain surprises you during the eventual consumption as well. Expect huge amounts of resin and that unforgettably pungent terpene mix of earthy, sweet and spicy aromas that create that unique hashish flavour that old-schoolers love.

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Afghan Kush Auto Data Sheet

  • Strain TypeAutoflower strain
  • Indica / Sativa85% indica/15% sativa
  • GeneticsAfghan Kush x ruderalis
  • THCHigh (22%)
  • CBDLow (1%)
  • Flowering time9-10 weeks (seed to harvest)
  • Yield OutdoorHigh (400-500 g/m2)
  • Yield IndoorHigh (500+ g/m2)
  • Height Indoor50-100 cm
  • Height Outdoor100 cm
  • EffectsRelaxing, Sleepy, Physical
  • FlavorSweet, Natural, Spicy